5 Ways To Transform Your Event With Experiential Marketing

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Brands and businesses can no longer rely on just traditional marketing channels, like broadcast and digital advertising, or even the quality of their products to succeed. Increasingly, it is the way consumers experience a brand or product that motivates them to engage with it – that is where experiential marketing comes in. 

Experiential marketing creates memorable, innovative interactions that allow you to engage directly with consumers, rather than putting them in the role of an observer and hoping that traditional marketing efforts will resonate with them. This is especially important among younger audiences, as indicated by one study from the Harris Group that found 72% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than material things. 

Meanwhile, 91% of people say that participating in brand events and experiences makes them more inclined to purchase, while 40% of consumers feel they become more loyal to brands after attending their events and experiences. Given all that, it’s clear that effective use of experiential marketing is a crucial way to turn consumers into more than passive recipients of brand messaging, and instead encourage them to develop a relationship with that brand.

To demonstrate what effective experiential marketing looks like, we’ve included five ways posterGIANT clients have transformed their events with experiential marketing below, and you can too!

Upgrade Your Event Space

To celebrate their collaboration with artist Keith Haring, luxury fashion brand Alice + Olivia wanted to create a riotous launch party space that, like their capsule collection, featured Haring’s iconic ’80s art on almost every surface. posterGIANT made that vision possible by producing and installing a series of oversized vinyl graphics that transformed everything from the venue’s walls, to a fully skateable ¼-pipe, and a variety of art pieces into unforgettable experiences for those lucky enough to attend. 

This kind of experiential marketing is perfect for launch parties, as was the case here, or for trade shows, conventions, or other business events. The goal is to turn an otherwise ordinary space into something memorable that people will always associate with your brand or product. The same Harris Group study above found that Nearly 8 in 10 (77%) respondents say some of their best memories are from an event or live experience they attended or participated in, so the effectiveness of this kind of marketing cannot be discounted.  

Capture Public Spaces

One exciting way to create unexpected experiences for people is to make use of public spaces in creative and engaging ways. During New York Fashion Week in 2017, posterGIANT helped famed British paint and wallpaper company Farrow & Ball create a timeless campaign that promoted a new line of products by turning two previously drab construction sites in lower Manhattan into unique “floral flashes”.  The colorful interactive experiences surrounded a floral arrangement, composed of several wooden pallets layered with thousands of pink, coral & fuchsia blossoms, with walls covered in Farrow & Ball’s distinct wallpaper, all installed overnight just in time for the morning commute. 

The reaction from the public and the press was overwhelming. The “floral flashes” briefly trended on social media, and a glowing article from Vogue, said the installation might be the “prettiest show(s) at New York Fashion Week”. To learn more about the campaign, check out our case study, here

Create Community Experiences 

Community traditions are typically created organically over time, but there are instances when experiential marketing can short cut that process and create meaningful experience the whole community can share. One example is posterGIANT’s Seattle’s Sea Dragons launch for the return of the XFL in 2020 – In addition to wildposting and displaying banners in high-traffic areas, the campaign produced and distributed thousands of bright orange towels emblazoned with the team’s logo. The goal was two fold: First to give fans a tangible means to establish a connection with their new football team, and second to create a memorable visual gameday atmosphere, where thousands of twirling towels make it look as if Lumen Field has been engulfed in dragon’s fire.

Thanks in no small part to this unique experiential marketing campaign the Sea Dragons enjoyed what is widely considered the most successful team launch in the league, topping the league both in terms of ticket sales and attendance, as well as merchandise sales. You can do something similar for your brand by contacting posterGIANT today! 

Try Hybrid Marketing 

Hybrid marketing is a promotional approach that combines traditional marketing and digital marketing. Instead of focusing solely on online platforms or in-person engagement, hybrid marketing creates the best of both worlds, and at its best can be very effective.  One such example is posterGIANT’s highly successful effort to help Calgary capitalize on the interest generated by their viral campaign to attract Amazon’s “HQ2”.  The city wanted to engage with decision-makers in the tech industry about business opportunities in the Canadian community. To that end, posterGIANT installed a massive green wall, featuring hundreds of yards of turf, in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, which is home to Amazon and a thriving tech hub. The installation included messaging from Calgary that “the grass is greener on the other side of the border” and links to information that allowed the public to learn about the business climate in the city, as well as further details about livability, affordability and more. 

Make Viral Moments 

One of the most common ways to deploy experiential marketing is to create settings that encourage people to create social posts that boost your brand or product. The desire for “instagrammable” locations is so popular it has resulted in cities erecting public art installations and businesses dedicated to the idea like Selfie Museums. All this makes it an obvious choice for posterGIANT clients like Dua Lipa, for whom we created a “photo experience” at a listening party for her recent single “Houdini”. The event took place at the mysterious Houdini Estate in Los Angeles, appropriately enough, and featured an escape room alongside a “hall of mirrors” posterGIANT helped create with dozens of posters that allowed guests to take photos of themselves surrounded by the artist. 

If you have an event you want to transform into an experience, and provide consumers with the kind of positive memories that will turn them into loyal customers, contact posterGIANT and ask about experiential marketing. We can’t wait to get started! <