Driving Engagement: The Power of Experiential Marketing in Community Transit’s Success

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In the heart of Snohomish County, Washington, lies a lifeline connecting communities and facilitating seamless journeys: Community Transit. With an unwavering commitment to meeting the transportation needs of its residents, this agency ensures the community can reach their destinations efficiently and reliably.

Enter the Swift Orange Line—a testament to Community Transit’s dedication to innovation and convenience. Launched on March 30th, this Rapid Transit endeavor promises enhanced accessibility and connectivity throughout the county. From swift east-west travel between Mill Creek and Lynnwood to serving key destinations like McCollum Park, Alderwood Mall, and Edmonds College, the Swift Orange Line is a game-changer.

Community Transit Swift Orange Line Launch Coffee Sleeve Distribution - posterGIANT

An Experiential Marketing Journey

However, with innovation comes the challenge of spreading awareness effectively. Community Transit recognized the need to communicate the benefits of the Swift Orange Line to its communities. Thus, they embarked on a journey of experiential marketing, seeking to get noticed and educate locals in a meaningful way.

Partnering with posterGIANT, Community Transit orchestrated a multi-faceted campaign to ignite excitement and encourage ridership. Sidewalk decals strategically placed near bus stops and transit hubs, coupled with a compelling call to action—”Orange is the new way to ride. See where Swift Orange can take you”—captured attention and sparked curiosity. The inclusion of QR codes allowed for seamless access to route information, merging the physical and digital worlds effortlessly.

But the campaign didn’t stop there.

Community Transit and posterGIANT delved deeper into the community fabric, distributing retail flyers and collaborating with local coffee shops to reach commuters where they are. Branded coffee sleeves became ambassadors of the Swift Orange Line, subtly weaving into the daily routines of morning and afternoon travelers.

Community Transit Swift Orange Line Launch Coffee Sleeve Distribution - posterGIANT

The result? A resounding success.

Through experiential marketing activations, Community Transit ensured that riders were not only aware of the new route but also equipped with the knowledge needed to embrace it fully.

We celebrate the role of experiential marketing in helping our clients get noticed and meet their goals. We pride ourselves on creating seamless campaigns, in vibrant communities, one amazing client at a time. If you would like to find out how we can help you get noticed please contact us.

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