We Are Poster Giant!

About Us

Our Mission

At posterGIANT our mission is to provide marketing and promotional services that get results for our clients, help to create an authentic connection between our clients and the public, and that improve the aesthetics of the cities where we work. Our creative, experienced, and professional staff will always respect the vision of the businesses we represent, the environment, and our community.

Our Community

Here at posterGIANT we value the communities we work in, and strongly believe in the power of giving back. Whether we’re raising money and awareness for Operation Ward 57, sponsoring advertising for our favorite off beat sports league, raising awareness for cancer research events, or promoting events to help find homes for our favorite four legged fury friends, we believe every little bit helps.

We are also committed to keeping our community looking good, which is why when we put up posters, we only post in appropriate locations, we are meticulous about posting in a professional and attractive way, and we make a concerted effort to clean up after ourselves. If we do things right, we believe the work we do can enhance our community. That’s why posterGIANT strives to get things right for our clients, our neighbors, and ourselves every time.