CASE STUDY: World Animal Protection


World Animal Protection is a global organization that has consultative status at the Council of Europe and collaborates with national governments, the United Nations, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Organization for Animal Health to help improve the lives of millions of animals. They are active in more than 50 countries, including here in the US, where they work to protect and save wild animals; help consumers, farmers and businesses understand the benefits of humane farming; respond quickly when a disaster strikes to ensure that animals aren’t the forgotten victims; and educating young people, the public, and professionals alike about the value of animal protection.


In the Spring of 2022 World Animal Protection US launched a new campaign that aimed to convince discount and travel company Groupon to stop profiting from wild animal exploitation and adopt a wildlife-friendly policy. In recent years the company had promoted deals for: The notorious Miami Seaquarium, where Tokitae, a 56-year-old orca, has languished alone in a tiny concrete tank for more than 50 years; Suncoast Primate Sanctuary, a pseudo-sanctuary in Florida where primates are kept in barren cages; a Washington petting zoo where 80 people were injured during animal “encounters” in less than a year, and more. To encourage change World Animal Protection US raised awareness by encouraging supporters to send thousands of emails to Groupon’s CEO; protesting outside of the CEO’s speaking engagement in NYC; and generating over 2,000 tweets targeting the company from our monthly Tweetstorms, but the organization needed a way to engage people directly and expand their campaign beyond the press and social media. 



In August of 2022 posterGIANT helped World Animal Protection US get noticed by installing 100 sidewalk chalk stencils around Groupon’s corporate offices. The stencils featured images of a captive dolphin, elephant, or chimpanzee and directed passersby to a website where they can get involved with the campaign. This targeted and engaged street-marketing campaign generated significant interest in the campaign, as well as social media activity with people sharing pictures of the stencils and a hashtag created specifically for the campaign. The stencil campaign ran in conjunction with several days of in-person outreach at the Northalsted Market Days street festival, where volunteers engaged the public about how Groupon profits from animal cruelty, asked passersby to sign a petition, gave kids coloring postcards, and distributed free World Animal Protection swag.

posterGIANT helped World Animal Protection US further expand their Groupon campaign in October of 2022 by serving as their media buy for the placement of billboards created in partnership with Chicago-based artist, Blake Jones. Blake’s signature bunny, alongside his furry and scaly friends, helped raise awareness from prominent locations in Chicago’s West Loop, River North and Lakeview neighborhoods, and helped draw people to a launch event where people had a chance to win free limited edition screen prints from the artist. 

World Animal Protection Campaign - posterGIANT INC


Together with World Animal Protection’s own efforts, posterGIANT helped deliver a unique and effective integrated marketing campaign that put increasing pressure on it’s target to change their behavior, as well as engaging and educating the public about a previously little known issue with a direct impact on our client’s mission. Today, posterGIANT continues to work with World Animal Protection US, not only in regard to their Groupon campaign but also on messaging around Climate Week, and more, thanks to our unique ability to deliver messages to audiences where they can’t miss them – in the real world.