Graphic Design

We’ll Make You Look Good!

posterGIANT has an excellent team of experienced in-house designers who will work with you to bring your vision to life. They can do anything from helping you create an eye-catching campaign to building websites & apps, and designing posters (duh!) and other materials. Get in touch today to get started.

Marketing Strategy

Designing the Right Campaign For You

A successful marketing campaign effectively targets the right audience, and uses the right medium. That’s where our designers come in: They’ll be involved from the beginning making sure you’re message is communicated in a way that stands out, whether you’re putting up posters, launching a new website, or projecting something on the side of a building.

Zig Apartments - posterGIANT Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design Services

We do more than put up posters!

Why hire someone else to design your posters when we can save you time and money by doing it ourselves? Our experienced graphic designers will work with you, creating multiple mock-ups of everything from laser & silkscreen posters, to handbills & flyers, print advertising (door hangers,magazine ads, etc), and product packaging, press kits, etc., until the result matches your vision.


Stand Out From the Crowd

Need a new logo? Or artwork for company t-shirts or promotional product? Whatever you need to make your brand stand out our graphic design team can deliver.

ABR Bike Shop Poster - posterGIANT Graphic Design Services
Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2024 - posterGIANT Graphic Design Services
DeColores Flyer - posterGIANT Graphic Design Services
Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2023 Poster Design - posterGIANT Graphic Design Services
Matt Soule ViBE Poster Design - posterGIANT Graphic Design Services

Motion Graphics & 3d Animation

Go Beyond Static!

Our motion graphics service is tailored to bring your brand to life with captivating visuals, utilizing a diverse array of motion graphics and 3D animation software. We specialize in crafting dynamic logo animations, creating custom motion graphics for engaging video intros and outros, and providing essential supporting motion graphics for promotional videos.

What sets our service apart is the uniqueness it brings to your content. Every animation we create is customized to your brand’s identity, ensuring that your visuals are distinct and memorable. Whether you’re looking to make a strong first impression with a logo animation or enhance the appeal of your promotional videos, our custom motion graphics, produced with a variety of motion graphics and 3D animation software, add a touch of creativity and professionalism that sets you apart from the competition.

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