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Graffiti Mural Grabs Attention In Seattle

The Client:  The Microsoft Advertising Community is always on the cutting edge in the marketing world and in preparation for New York Advertising Week in 2012, they were looking for a seriously unique way to grab attention and get people talking.

The Campaign:  If every picture tells a story, imagine what an entire graffiti mural can express! We didn’t have to imagine – posterGIANT helped Microsoft Advertising Community “talk” about the new dimensions of storytelling and creativity through the installation of an amazing wall of art in downtown Seattle.

The Results:  The project, commissioned by Microsoft Advertising company and produced by posterGIANT Inc. brought to life a ’75’x20′ eye popping mural.  Executed by Joe Nix, Unek and Weirdo and the mural certainly did the trick and started people talking which set the groundwork for a much bigger story to be told at Advertising Week in New York City.

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