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Nike Hits the Streets with Stencil Marketing and Sniping Campaign

Chicago, IL – Stencil Marketing and Sniping

The Company:  Nike Inc. wanted to advertise in a big way and recently decided to turn to posterGIANT for a Stencil Marketing and Sniping campaign in Chicago. Nike Inc., one of the most popular athletic clothing apparel lines in the world is known for fostering a culture of invention and creating products, services and experiences for today’s athletes.


The Campaign:  Nike always strives for greatness and so does posterGIANT, so it made perfect sense that Nike and posterGIANT teamed up to pump up event goers for game day at the national high school basketball championship tournament in Chicago, IL. With stealth execution, the posterGIANT team arrived before daylight to blanket areas around the school with the #StriveForGreatness message in both poster and stencil forms. The campaign was heavily saturated in the area, which is what made this such a successful campaign for all parties involved.


The Results:  A perfectly executed stencil marketing and sniping campaign attracted the attention of game attendees and elevated excitement around the game venue as they awoke to a city blanketed with posters and stencils delivering the #StriveForGreatness message.  


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